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Stone & Bronze


Recently I started experimenting and making bronze sculptures. I was also fortunate to receive a commission from a friend. My work is produced in low numbers (between 5 and 9 pieces max) and is at this stage allowing to express myself three dimensionally without the intense physical exertion of working in stone.


Pices +/- 30 cm long – 1 of 9

Spheniscus demersus

African penguin +/- 18 cm high (one of a pair) 1 of 9


Due to increasing time required travelling and running our small but highly specialised travelling business I have not been able to spend as much time in my studio. Due to the work I do with my photographs and light drawings I get inspired to occasionally get the easel out, place a nice big canvas on it and start throwing some paint around.

My sculpture studio has not seen any real action for some time and pictures shown here are a small overview of the nearly 400 pieces I have produced up to date.