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Minimalism Matters

This is my new website updating all my activities as an artist and person who is passionate about Southern Africa and minimalism in art. Especially the new photographic work often done whilst I am travelling. Work shown in this website mostly reflects my position as an artist. Due to increasing time required travelling and running our small but highly specialised travelling business I have not been able to spend as much time in my studio as I have been used to in the past. Luckily the possibilities of new technologies (especially in photography) has intrigued me and now offer me virtually unlimited options to explore when I am away from home and my studio.

My photographic work over the past 6 years was mostly made with digital SLR or other hi resolution cameras. Today however with technology changing at such a rapid pace I find myself increasingly taking pictures with my smart phone! Moments I would have missed in the past, when I did not have a camera with me, now become accessible with the amazing quality of the smart phone.

Ek is wie ek is, nie wie n ander wil hê nie
ek is wat ek is, so gemaak deur die lewe
ek is hoe ek is, onstaan deur my menswees
my siel is nie te koop nie, my hart vir almal oop
my menswees vol met foute, ek leef in hoop
my taal is hoe ek uitdruk dit wat diep in my sit
uit my siel geborge die kilheid in my hart verhit

For my more traditional work I still firmly believe that look before you shoot and frame the moment. I still quite often use filters when photographing, only cropping when absolutely necessary!

Midlands door
A small selection of these photos are shown in my album called Light View – Photography.

Minimalism. Finally when it comes to my art photography my view changes and I see so much that I need to crop even more often leaving me with only a close up of a surface or a section of an item making the picture minimalist and often abstract. Manipulating these photos with my Ipad or laptop produces digital works that are suitable for reproduction on a varying types of materials and displays.

Photo 25-07-13 16 38 50
The latest of these works can be viewed on the page Light Drawing – Art Photography.