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Safari is the Swahili word for travel and is now better known as a synonym of game drives or luxury holiday in an exotic location surrounded by animals somewhere in Africa. To me the passion of discovering new horizons and exploring our beautiful part of the world has now lead to a situation where we are able to share this knowledge and passion with everybody that has a mind to do so. Even those that have not the purse to afford these sometimes costly trips I gladly share my stories and pictures.

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Travel is not only going on holiday but also discovering new horizons and the journey of life we all make. How we view the world and what we do with that information remains a very personal experience (even today when we can get sensory overload). The way I have always looked at my world has been no different except that I probably am more reliant on visual stimuli as a dyslectic person. This has also influenced me how I travel and in which way I record the journey. In contrast with the light drawing series these images are mostly shown as originally recorded and have not been manipulated (except for some occasional cropping).

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Even though I am dyslectic I am fortunate that current technology affords me the chance of expressing myself (somewhat sarcastically) about what I see and experience. Mostly written in Afrikaans the language of my heart I wish all who dare to click to this page lots of luck in deciphering the hieroglyphs of my mind! Click here at your peril!